Today All The World Celebrating World Penguin Day Why You Don’t


World Penguin Day is commended on 25 April consistently, corresponding with the season of the winged creatures yearly northward movement. Penguins are one of about 40 types of flightless feathered creatures, who-who live only in the Southern Side of the equator. Just a single types of penguin, the Galapagos can be discovered north of the equator. World Penguin Day points are to bring issues to the light of the situation of a few penguins and highlighting the significance of securing the Antarctic’s marine condition.

Spending the greater part of their life adrift, penguins can plunge to a profundity of 565 meters – more profound than some other feathered creature. There are 18 types of penguins, 13 of which are imperiled, with some on the precarious edge of elimination. In this exhibition, IBTimesUK presents a choice of penguin photographs taken far and wide:


World Penguin Day 2017

Image Credit:

A couple of Adelie penguins are envisioned at Cape Denison, Republic Inlet, East AntarcticaPauline Askin/Reuters



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