Here Are 9 Reasons Denmark’s Communist Economy Leaves The US In The Dust


On account of Vermont Representative Bernie Sanders’ glad recognizable proof as a Popularity based Communist and mention to Denmark as a perfect social vote based system, Denmark is being talked about all through the news media. In any case, what couple of outlets are overcome enough to report is that, by practically every quantifiable standard, Danish communism runs hovers around American free enterprise. Here are a couple of illustrations:


1Denmark’s unemployed laborers get 90 percent of their old compensation for a long time.

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Denmark has a gigantic social wellbeing net for unemployed specialists — any laborer who worked no less than 52 weeks over a three-year time frame can meet all requirements to have 90 percent of their unique compensation paid for, for up to two years. The Danish government additionally has abundant preparing programs for out-of-work Danes. Accordingly, 73 percent of Danes in the vicinity of 15 and 64 have a paying employment, contrasted with 67 percent of Americans.




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